Strengthen Your Home’s Siding

Strengthen Your Home’s Siding

Eave metal siding installation and repair in Robertsdale & Baldwin County, AL

Eave metal, also called eave stripping, is a metal strip that helps adhere fascia to a roof. It allows your vinyl siding to expand and contract normally over time. If your home’s eave metal is bent or installed incorrectly, it won’t do its job of protecting your home.

Self Design LLC installs eave metal on homes in Robertsdale & Baldwin County, AL. Help your siding last longer by hiring a professional to install eave metal on your home. Call today for a free installation estimate.

We install hurricane-proof eave stripping

Has your roof’s eave stripping been damaged by a storm? Robertsdale & Baldwin County, AL is no stranger to hurricanes. These storms bring powerful winds that can tear away siding or fascia, allowing torrential rain into your roof or attic. But Self Design offers a 5-year guarantee that our metal eave stripping will withstand Category 3 hurricane winds.

Call now to prepare your home for Alabama’s next big blow.